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Your best source for Custom Motorcycle Powder Coating and Diamond Cutting backed by their Lifetime Warranty. The hand cuts make the difference. Unlike a CNC produced part, it's impossible to make them all the same. That's why their motorcycle diamond-cutting service is the CURE for those "Same Bike - Different Color Blues."

This site offers a comprehensive buying guide for motorcycles. You are simply provided the information you need to select the right motorcycle. They express the fact that they exist solely to help you in your purchase decision.

UK based, good motorcycle news section, plenty to read. Loads of road tests, comparisons of the latest high tech replicas. Contains six UK based magazines from the EMAP group - from Performance Bike to Classic Bike. Useful chat room. Used to be very slow downloading but they have improved over the past couple of months to the point where they are as fast as some much simpler sites. Nice first stop when investigating the motorcycle scene on the web.

USA based, packed full of useful information that will enthuse serious bikers and claims to be the largest and most read motorcycle magazine site in the world. Harley and Buell fans are particularly well catered to. Has reasonable news and "What's New" sections.

A large site with a mix of editorial testing and reader's reviews. Good for touring and technical tips. A comprehensive news section regarding racing and manufacturing. Centers contents on racing, but does a great job of catering to all biker enthusiasts. There's loads of good information well worth sifting through it, including a long list of bike and product reviews.

Plenty on info, tests, photos, news and comments but it's not as easy to use as some of the other big sites. Good for understandable technical appreciations of some of the newer hyperbikes and some interesting editorials.

A popular Indiana website previewing a 9am Saturday morning UPN23 network aired program on the recreation and safety of motorcycles. Owned by Steve Reese in Fishers, Indiana.

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